Artist's Statement

The art makes me fulfilled and gives me energy. There is not a similar feeling to that when I am alone with my canvas. I try the colours like a gourmet and the smell of oils call me in the world of beauty again and again.

As an artist, I work hard to develop paintings that speak to onlookers, that in each of us exist a particle of sky. Our soul is like a microcosm where are reflected the energies of the universe. We are its childs and our birth is not accidental, but we aim to increase going through the trials of life. My works are flooded by the blue tones, this being the deepest, cold and pure colour of all. The look fall into it and is losing in boundlessness. This colour is a road of infinite, where the reality turns into fantasy. The blue of sky also represent the threshold that separates man from the other world and from his fate.

When we look at the sky, we realize the scarcity of the man in front of its limitless height. This is a powerful experience. Sometimes I want to detach from everyday reality to connect to its inaccessible dimension. And I want my paintings to convey this feeling. My artwork is the result of a constant search for a way of expressing my reflections. After years of trial and error, I developed a style that is a kind of fantastic realism, because of unnatural colours of carnation and background and because of unordinary idea transposed on canvas.

Art today forces us to become accustom with an overdose of stimuli and contradictory values. It has a sharp note of surprise and strikes us by quantity and intense multiplicity. I think that orientation towards real self is an antidote to the egocentric and compromised world in which we live. So, my works are just a moment of peace and silence in the tumult of daily events.